Core values

We render these services by keeping C-L-O-V-E-D in focus:
People who feel safe and trust us are more likely to be open about their feelings and what they want.
Therefore, we strive tirelessly to maintain confidentiality of information provided which is key in
preserving the dignity of our clients.
We listen proactively and gather as much information as possible to help us fully understand our clients’
situation and requirements. We then proceed to help them find the partner of their dreams.
Openness is central to our values, our culture, our products, and our practices. We work and
communicate honestly, collaborate openly with a view to providing better outcomes for our clients.
Valuing people
All peoples are equal and entitled to love and be loved in return, to justice, to forge meaningful
relationships with the peoples in our diverse world. We value our clients and believe they can benefit
from relationships in our ethnically and culturally diverse world.  
We strive to build a client base of people whose relationships are based on truth and understanding,
who value partners/friendships/relationships and can, therefore, boost self-worth and confidence.
Our team of experienced professionals work together to ensure our clients receive the assistance and
support that they need as they search for an ideal soul mate/friend.

We respect the worth and inherent value of every individual and by providing positive singles with the
opportunity to blossom in a relationship, we uphold their dignity.

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